Our one-or two-day workshops are conducted in a beautiful 1914 home in downtown Park Rapids, MN. Continental breakfast and lunch are provided. Lodging (if needed) is up to participants to arrange, and we are happy to make suggestions.

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Chance Operations in Poetry (all levels) July 18, 2020 9am-3pm (lunch 12-1) $150

Often, our poems come out of some kind of emotional extreme. When we are suffering, or joyous, or overcome with feeling, the ideas tend to flow. But what do we write when we are not in a heightened emotional state? How do we launch a poem that does not launch itself? Chance operations can jolt our brains into thinking creatively and start a poem rolling! Wondering what a chance operation is? Click here for more info.

Punctuation in Poetry (for intermediate and advanced poets) August 1, 2020 9am-3pm (lunch 12-1) $150

Are you flying blind when it comes to punctuating your poems? Do you find readers misinterpret your meaning? Do your poems not “sound right” when someone else reads them out loud? Chances are good those are punctuation problems. Punctuation can do a lot of heavy lifting in poems, to direct both meaning and sound, and the regular rules sometimes don’t apply! In this craft-focused workshop, we will look at where punctuation in poems works well and not so well, and how we can create certain effects by using punctuation in unusual. Click here for more info.

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