2019 Visiting Writer Kao Kalia Yang had this to say:
IMG_1484The North Beach Writers’ Retreat is an opportunity for writers, young and old, to be in community, to sit and talk, to remember and to reflect, to learn from each other. The lead writers foster not only conversation on craft, but a diversity of possibilities not only for the work on the page, but the work of building lives out of words. For many, the experience is an invaluable gift of time and place for creativity and creation to co-exist in a productive and positive environment. For me, more than just days spent on writing, as an inaugural visiting author, being part of the week allowed me to engage with committed writers and ponder a big question I’ve tried with my life and my art to answer: What does one small life have to offer the bigness of Humanity? 

Participants’ Comments on North Beach Retreat:
Poetry, 2019:

The facilitators and participants were inspiring, knowledgeable, positive and encouraging for all. I loved the quality of the food, the extra activities, Itasca was a highlight as was the reading in town on Saturday night. I also felt that the facilitators were open and responsive to our needs, kept in touch with the participants’ suggestions and feelings about workshopping and any problems that came up as we went along. Everyone was cognizant of others’ needs and feelings. I also loved the consultation. I felt it was worthwhile to sit for the one-on-one session. I would advise anyone to participate, as it was invaluable!

I appreciated the personal consultation time with LuAnn and the support shown by everyone for our work.

I was impressed with the quality of instruction, the relationship of facilitators and participants. I’d definitely go again! Thanks for an inspiring and productive time.

Positives: Group sessions with LouAnn, individual consultation with LouAnn, give-take workshopping with participants, THE FOOD!

It took me a while to process all that I got from the retreat, but it was a highlight and inspirational, well worth it.  I’m back to writing, even got to a couple of poems I started at North Beach.  

Thank you, again, for the thoughtful comments on my manuscript. You spent a lot of time working on it and I appreciated that. It was a great consultation.

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