Heal Through Writing

with Tanya Miller

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Our life experiences do not define us, but they do shape us. If you have lived through traumatic experiences, you know that you are a stronger person because of it. However, sometimes ghosts of our past continue to haunt us, making daily life difficult to enjoy. 

What if you could shape the story, instead of letting it shape you? It has been proven through research that writing about traumatic events can be therapeutic. It can also be empowering, because you get to take control of your story. You get to decide what details to include. You get to shape the version of the story that gets set down on paper, and therefore, made permanent. 

In this combination book club/ writing group, we will go through the chapters of Louise DeSalvo’s book Writing as a Way of Healing together. There will be weekly discussions, tips for writing, writing prompts, and opportunities for sharing. You never have to share anything that you don’t feel comfortable sharing. We will work to create a non-threatening, supportive group climate, where you get to wrestle your life experiences into shape. 

This course will use a private Google Meet/ Google Classroom platform. 

It will have both synchronous and asynchronous components. (Synchronous means “at the same time,” so that means that we will have a weekly Google Meet session, where everybody chimes in at the same time, for group discussions, etc. There will also be things that you will do on your own; namely, going through the book, and journaling to the writing prompts. That’s the “asynchronous” part, which means everybody is working independently on their own time. )

6 weeks: July 14-August 18, 2021 (one week off for 4th of July): $210

Registration Deadline: June 30, 2021.

Ten spots available, first-come, first served.

email northbeachwriters@gmail.com to register 

or for more information

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