Exphrasis: Poetry Inspired by Art

This is a fully online class. There are no in-person meetings.

Looking for inspiration for your poetry? This is the class for you! Poets from John Keats to Rita Dove have written poems responding to art. The formal name for this kind of poetry is Ekphrasis. In this class, the emphasis will be on generating new poems. Each week, prompts from various genres of art will be provided. No special knowledge of art is required—students will write whatever the prompt inspires them to write, whether in direct response to the artwork, or in response to their own ideas and experiences brought up by the artwork. Students will generate from 8-16 new poems, give and receive feedback on the first drafts, and get a start on revising.

Ekphrasis: Poetry Inspired by Art (8 weeks):

Feb. 21- Apr. 15, 2022: $280

Ten spots available in each course, first-come, first-served

email northbeachwriters@gmail.com to register
or for more information

In this class, we will be using other forms of art to inspire and inform the writing of poems.

Topics covered in this 8-week course include:

  • What is Ekphrasis?
  • Writing from Photographs
  • Writing from Paintings
  • Writing from Other Writing
  • Writing from Sculpture
  • Writing from Music
  • Writing from Environmental Art
  • Repeated Themes and Motifs

What previous participants had to say:

I feel I am being challenged and stretched beyond anything I’ve ever written. Instructor and students are most helpful. I’m enjoying this class. Can’t say enough about it.

LouAnn is great, so organized, so on top of everything, very responsive to any needs, positive yet very instructive and constructive. She is one of the best instructors I’ve had.

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