Creative Boost

This is a fully online class. There are no in-person meetings.

CREATIVE BOOST 1, Grow Your Creative Purpose

  • May 30-July 2, 2021$175:
  • Registration Deadline: May 21, 2021

So many adults want to start or continue a creative practice, but are stuck. The writing and sketching prompts in this class help you identify what inspires you, and how to grow your creative confidence and purpose. We all have something to say; those seeds are within us. Look no further than your own curiosities and convictions.

You already have the seeds; push through fears to create again!

Ten spots available, first-come, first served.

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Taught by Tiffany Besonen, a visual artist, but everyone is welcome. The course focuses on creativity in any genre, visual, written, or otherwise.

Learn more about Tiffany and her work at

Tiffany Besonen is a practicing artist of sculpture, painting, and mixed-media. She has taught Art in Minnesota public schools for 26 years, and has exhibited throughout the U.S. for 20 years. Tiffany is also a co-owner of Studio 176 Gallery in Park Rapids, MN She loves to write and talk about the creative process and encourages others to do something, anything, creative!

Topics covered in this 5-week session include:

  • Week 1 Activity: You already have the seeds; Creative inventory
  • Week 2 Activity: Select which seeds; Find creative purpose
  • Week 3 Activity: Sow the seeds; Curiosity overrides uncertainty 
  • Week 4 Activity: Grow your ideas; Growth mindset and trust
  • Week 5 Activity: Sharing the fruits of your labor; Setting new goals
What former students have to say about Creative Boost:

“Thank you Ti for the recent workshop. I was really stuck and not able to think or see a new way. The workshop helped me to remember what I had done before, both the good and the bad. Ti asked me to look at my strengths and that really made me look at myself and see that tough times come and go all the time. She helped me rebuild my sense of resilience.” Deborah


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