Multiple Genres Workshop for K-12 Teachers

Date TBD, 2022 at Breezy Point Resort in Nisswa, MN

Maximum 10 participants

As high school teachers who are also writers, workshop leaders Tanya Miller and LouAnn Muhm understand the special challenges of maintaining and moving forward as writers as well as in our teaching roles. This retreat is open to K-12 teachers in any discipline. The workshop will be run according to the structure of Minnesota Writing Project workshops (see link to Detailed Schedule above), although there is no official tie to MWP. Minnesota Writing Project members will receive a discounted price.

Any kind of writing project is appropriate for this retreat. Whether you are working on poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, academic writing, or any combination or new form of writing, this retreat will give you access to astute first readers, as well as to a relaxing break from your daily life.

The workshop will include daily writing prompts and craft talks, as well as ample time to write and recharge. Participants will have an opportunity to meet in small groups to get feedback from each other on individual project pieces.

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