Check back soon for new lodging options for 2020!

2019 lodging:

Lodging for participants is provided at two side-by-side cabins at North Beach Resort in Park Rapids, MN. There are 3 single rooms available, and 3 shared rooms.  Rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis (based on date of full payment).  Each cabin has a full kitchen (one of which will be used for preparing breakfast and lunch each day) and two baths, which will be shared by 4 or 5 residents.  The cabins each include a fully-appointed outdoor patio.

The cabins will be quiet areas at all times, to allow for writing and reflection.  There is a community room and lots of space outside for participants to gather and chat. Those who would like to listen music or view media must use headphones, to be respectful of all and to maintain the atmosphere of retreat.

Please note:  Although the photos don’t show it, there will be a large table in the dining room and a desk for each participant.


Resort Amenities: